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About Us


Protek Proje Limited company was established in 1994. Protek Project has been providing project service to the official and private sector for many years at home and abroad. It performs this service in a complete, accurate, quality and economical way. The company is engaged in the project design of all buildings that fall under the branch of civil engineering. Besides reinforced concrete, steel and wood projects, it provides all kinds of relief and reinforcement services. Since the 1999 earthquake, approximately 2 million square meters of reinforcement projects have been carried out. In addition to project services, consultancy and supervision services are also provided. The basic principle of the company is honesty and diligence. It is our priority to deliver the projects received in line with this principle completely and on time. All of the engineers and technicians working in the Protek project have the necessary knowledge and experience. In addition to all Turkish Standards used for the structure, many foreign standards are used in the company.

Protek knowledge and project work for many more years of experience using modern Turkey aims to continue.

We would like to thank Şebnem Genç and Şennur Aksu for their support.